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Nine-year-old Allergic Emma, who is a proud ambassador for Red Sneakers for Oakley and Elijah's Echo, is on a quest to raise awareness about the life-threatening dangers of food allergies, and to inspire those who have food allergies to live life to its fullest.


Having experienced five anaphylactic reactions since 18-months of age, it would be easy for Emma to isolate herself from the world and live in a "bubble". Instead, she’s empowered to thrive and enjoy the things other children her age do – like participate in class parties, play sports, visit with friends, and even travel. Make no mistake – it isn't always easy. In fact, living with food allergies is tough. But as Emma says...she’s tougher!

Who is Emma?

"Food allergies are tough
...but I'm tougher."

- Emma

Emma advocates for the food allergy community by:


Raising awareness

Educating and inspiring

Seeking out opportunities to help others and create a better world for those with food allergies

A girl on

a mission

Emma wants to help create a world where individuals with life threatening food allergies can live happy, healthy, fulfilling lives – thriving in a society where they feel safe, seen, heard, and valued as active contributors.

Contact Emma

Use the form included here to reach out to Emma's mom (Rose)...